All viruses identified in the park have been reported under the coordination and support of DLIA.

Unseen to the naked eye, and all but the most sophisticated electron microscopes, the identity of these lifeforms require a painstaking and lengthy processing of chemical molecule sequencing in order to narrow down their probable identities.

The domain of the virus contains a taxonomy that, at this point, does not utilize the standard Kingdom, Phylum, nor Class taxonomic levels. The following are the Park's upper classification levels for viruses reported so far.

Eucarya >
Virus Group Order Where?
All Groups (where orders are not defined) Virus_order Here
Group I (dsDNA)
Group III (dsRNA) Picornavirales Here
Group IV ((+)ssRNA) Tymovirales Here
Group VII (dsDNA-RT)


There is a vast field of knowledge ahead to discover by researchers in this seemingly boundless field of virology.

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